Volunteer with Yo ♥ Animalitos SMA

In July 2022, Crystal Calderoni implored Mayor Trejo to green light our proposals deemed crucial for a pet-friendly San Miguel in our 21st century. We recognize that caring for those without voices helps strengthen our community through compassion, bringing valuable interactions to everyone´s day and even filters down to tourism and our economy. Yo ♥ Animalitos SMA, introduced the concept that all strays should be treated with dignity and respect instead of collected as rubbish to be hidden away and sacrificed. Our mission is to Protect, Advocate and Provide Care, Comfort and Compassion for neglected, abandoned, surrendered and abused animals.

Volunteers gather every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10:00-1:00 pm. We assess the dogs, clean, feed and groom. We walk, baby talk, video and photograph each dog we socialize. We calm fearful dogs and coax frightened ones out of cages. Healthy doses of unconditional love are exchanged and the difference in their demeanor is palpable after a three hour shift. We make a difference if only for a day.

Most dogs being family pets, adoption services became a huge successful undertaking. We feature dogs on social media, moving close to 150 pups during our first year into permanent homes before their ten day expiration period. Truckloads of puppies arrived this spring like a tsunami overwhelming our resources and abilities to find homes. Until every owner spays and neuters, the puppy mill that is San Miguel flourishes.