Our Completed Projects

Thanks to generous donations from our community and beyond, we have been able to complete several projects at Control Canino. We would like to especially recognize the sizable donations made by Naomi Lawler and Sandra Cisneros for these purposes.

We have reconstructed the puppy cage, which used to be a dark and smelly enclosure with a dirt floor filled with rat holes. It now has a poured concrete floor and a wire mesh opening to let in sunlight and warmth.

We have built a bodega to house our supplies which include leashes and harnesses, dry dog food, blankets, cleaning and grooming supplies, and stools for our volunteers to sit on.

We have built 2 large corrals where dogs can enjoy some time running off-leash and socializing with other dogs.

We have improved several of the cages where jagged metal was a dangerous hazard for the dogs enclosed there. We have also had new hanging tarps made for the backs of the cages.

Rotary planted 15 new trees at Control Canino as a community as well.